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Exercise program for seniors
weight gain course
Former professional baseball player guidance! Authentic baseball instruction
body adjustment
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for each personCUSTOMIZED
Thoughtful trainingCUSTOMIZED
To a beautiful and healthy bodyCUSTOMIZED

If you want to start personal training in Sannomiya
Tailor-made training tailored to each individual's condition

The purpose of training differs from person to person.
Also, everyone's physical condition is different.
However, at sports clubs, etc., the training menu is almost the same regardless of the purpose, so
There are many people who give up without seeing results.
The beauty of custom-made training is that her training is tailored to each individual's condition.
That's why it's efficient and easy to produce results.
About BASE for

This is a training course provided by BASE for.
We cater to a wide range of people from seniors to children.


A certified professional personal trainer
Think of a menu that suits each person
We will guide you towards achieving your goals.


We also publish training videos and provide services for corporations.


Updated daily with daily events and information for body building.

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Information on the first free trial
(about 40 minutes)